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The ‘Orange-Pilling’ of Environmentalists

I am excited to announce the release of my new non-for profit eBook – 🌱The Green Side Of Bitcoin! (TGSOB)🌎

My hope is together we can educate more on the positive impact of Bitcoin!

This comprehensive and concise resource is designed to educate and inform everyone (but specifically environmentalists that have no idea!) about the true situation and facts involving Bitcoin and its positive impact on the environment. There is a huge untapped swathe of the population that need Orange Pilling – think ecowarriors, climate change, Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace, Greta Thunberg etc etc, in fact – everyone with a socio-economic-environmental moral compass pointing to a better world.

The eBook covers a wide range of arguments on the subject, influenced by people like yourself, and provides a clear and quick understanding of the subject (Reading time is approx 1-2hours)
The book is split into 2 parts directly comparing the fiat vs Bitcoin financial systems. 

Key points from the book include:

-The Physical Energy Consumption of both Financial Systems
-The Invisible Importance of Sound Money
-How the Law of Conservation of Energy is Synonymous with Store of Value
-Inflation is Theft
-Fiat Currency in a Circular Economy
-Copernicus & GDP
-The Doughnut Economy
-How Proof of Stake (PoS) is Fiat Re-Incarnate (The Importance of PoW)
-The Devastation of War, The Environment & Currency

The learning resource is free, online and includes educational videos such as Buckminster Fuller, Moore’s Law & Max Keiser. In addition to this, thought provoking tweets are included from some of the finest minds in Bitcoin, namely; Robert Breedlove, Jason Lowery, Jeff Booth, Dylan LeClair,  Dennis Porter, Guy Swann, Nayib Bukele, Walker & many more.

I believe that with a community effort, this new learning resource can be used to educate millions worldwide and become a valuable ‘go-to’ addition to the learning resources on Bitcoin. I want it to be collaborative and continuously updated with new arguments, references, resources, artworks, videos –  to finesse the overall message that Bitcoin is a power for good and green. So, I encourage you to visit the eBook, tell me what you think, share it with your friends, family and following and start a conversation about www.TheGreenSideofBitcoin.com

However, in order to spread the word and reach a large group of activists fighting for the environment, we need your help. The funds raised will be used to promote our resource through various marketing campaigns and events such as art competitions, adverts, webpage hosting. We want to make sure that as many people as possible have access to this valuable information and can contribute to creating a better world.

The work was written for free, without any funding, and now we need your support to make this happen!

Let’s Orange Pill them (as Max Keiser would say) and show them
The Green Side of Bitcoin

Thank you!